05 décembre 2013

Corruption undermines representative democracy

Corruption undermines representative democracy:In countries with a system of elected representatives entrusted with decision-making power, corruption enables wealthy individuals or institutions to wield disproportionate influence in national, provincial and local politics. This can be the result of buying citizens’ votes in elections or of buying the votes of parliamentary representatives on matters such as taxation, distribution of public resources, regulation of business, or even foreign policy.
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20 février 2011

inpbpm :The Corruption of Principles and the Decline of the State

The corruption of each government begins almost always with the corruption of its principles…Once the principles of a government have been corrupted, even the best laws become bad and will turn against the State; whereas when the principles remain healthy, bad laws may have the effect of good ones; the force of principle carries everything with it… Few laws are not good when the State has not lost its principles; and, as Epicurus relates in speaking of wealth: “It is not the liquor which has become corrupted, but the... [Lire la suite]